Stealth Northwest is a Division of Cart-Away and is located in McMinnville, Oregon.  We are the authorized Distributor of Stealth 4×4 Electric Vehicles for California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

We believe that a good quality 4×4 utility vehicle is a must for every farm, every school, city or country parks and recreation department, every golf course, cemetery, estate, corporate campus, shopping center……the list goes on forever.  We also believe that the vast majority of the uses of utility vehicles are done better with an electric vehicle than with gas or diesel.  Here are some reasons:

Storage of fuel at your site increases your insurance costs.

When there is a shortage of diesel or of gas or of propane, how will you power your diesel, gas or propane utility vehicle?  Your ELECTRIC UTV (Stealth Night Hawk, for example) runs on power from a regular 110 volt household plug and the electricity can be generated by solar, wind, hydro, coal, gas, diesel, propane, tides, geothermal, etc.  It makes sense to have at least one electric vehicle in every fleet.  Anyone who waited hours for a limited amount of gas during the oil crisis of the 70s knows how true this is.

Maintenance of an electric vehicle is far cheaper than for a gas or diesel vehicle – no tune-ups, oil changes, spark or glow plugs, etc.

You can charge a Stealth ELECTRIC 4×4 Utility Vehicle for about $0.80 for 30+ miles of travel (at $0.10 per kwh).  Filling a tank on a gas or diesel UTV runs between $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon.

You can hear yourself think while riding in an Electric UTV – no hearing protection required.  That seems like a small thing but it is huge.  You can actually have a conversation while driving.  The long term effects of the noise of a gas or diesel UTV can be serious hearing loss.

In short, we found a manufacturer who builds quality equipment from the ground up in the USA, employing American workers.  They are innovative.  They build quality equipment and stand behind it.  We feel they have the best product on the market.  We are proud to represent Stealth Manufacturing and think our customers will be happy they bought from Stealth.

Call us any time at 800-909-9809 for more information.

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