Stealth Support

We have not received return calls or emails from Stealth in Austell, Georgia since February 8th.

We continue to support our Stealth customers in the West and have been assured by our dealers in the West that they are ready to continue to support their Stealth customers.

At this point we do not know if the silence from Austell is confirmation of the rumors that Stealth has closed its doors.  Once we know any facts that shed light on this, we will post them here.  We are trying to find out what the plans are for Stealth in the future.

If you have facts or recent experiences that will help us understand what is going on in Austell, please pass them on as a comment to this post.  Thanks.

If you have a Stealth issue in the West Coast, feel free to call us at 800-909-9809.  Don’t be confused if we answer the phone, “Cart-Away.”

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3 Responses to Stealth Support

  1. j says:

    A family member works on troon in austell and said all of stealths inventory was dumped in the parking lot and they were evicted. It was pretty much looted after that, with golf cart companies and individuals showing up with trucks and trailers hauling away the goods.

  2. kenny says:

    where do I find parts for my 64 volt stealth apache 4×4 ?

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