Night Hawk – Tough Farm Tool

A year ago, when the Night Hawk was new to us we looked around for a tough test to see just how it would perform under real work conditions.  We had heard plenty of testimonials from hunters and estate owners about what a great vehicle the Stealth 4X4 Night Hawk was.  We wanted to find out if it was up to doing a full day’s work every day.

A good friend is a Cherry farmer with some 21,000 trees.  He also has a wholesale nursery on part of his property.  His total property is more than 10 miles corner to corner and has a river, islands, gullies and forests not to mention some very quick elevation changes.  Roger took delivery of his Night Hawk, all-electric Side by Side in October of 2011.  We had given him a good discount with the understanding he would give us honest feedback after a full year of work.   After the  year of use on his farm, he wrote the following letter:

Tom ~
Thanks for the opportunity to give the Stealth Night Hawk 4WD Electric Utility Vehicle a good, everyday orchard and nursery work test.  
We found the Night Hawk comfortable and versatile.  The boys found it extremely tough in meeting the muddy, wet 4WD challenges in irrigating our nursery stock and orchard plantings.  It has great torque and we never got stuck in very soft wet conditions pulling a 40-foot irrigation pipe trailer.  This product is a tested, viable alternative to the use of fossil fuel vehicles.
Interestingly, as quiet as the Night Hawk runs, the boys mistakenly took two days trying to figure out where to fill it up!  We charged it as was recommended and it gave us a good 4 to 5 hours before having to recharge under extreme work demands.
Thanks again.

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