Stealth’s New Parallel Drive Side-by-side Hybrid – The EDGE

Stealth has just announced that it will be delivering the new and revolutionary Edge parallel drive 4X4 Hybrid UTV by the end of September.

If you have not read about it, here is a summary of the Edge and why we at Stealth Northwest think that this will be the blockbuster product of the year:

The Edge has two drive systems: a gas engine drive over the front wheels and an electric drive over the rear wheels.  It can run on gas only, on electric only, or as a 4WD using both simultaneously.

Hunters, ranchers, and explorers will get great utility out of the Edge since they will be able to drive for miles in noisy mode (gas powered) and then shift to silent mode (electric) to hunt or just to further extend the range of the vehicle.  With a full tank of fuel and fully charged batteries the Edge will have a range in the area of 100 miles before refueling or recharging.  And, while operating in gas engine mode, the Edge is recharging the batteries.

Add the stopping power of hydraulic brakes on all four wheels and the Edge is the complete package, or, as the folks at Stealth like to say – The Best of Both Worlds.  And, amazingly, the price looks to be only $1,000 more than the all-electric Stealth Night Hawk.

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2 Responses to Stealth’s New Parallel Drive Side-by-side Hybrid – The EDGE

  1. Michael Malone says:

    I have heard from a couple of local dealers here in the south that stealth is out of business. Has anyone up there heard ?

  2. ttoes says:

    Waited to respond or write a post on this until we had advised our dealers about what we know. We, too, have heard that they are closed. What we know is that as of February 8th we have not received any return calls or return emails from Stealth in Austell.

    Until we hear different, we continue to support our Stealth customers. We have access to almost every part for current Stealth Vehicles and will continue to answer calls about Stealth.

    If you have more current information, we would like to hear it and will be glad to post what we know to be true, here.

    Once we know more facts we will report them.

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