Stealth Raven Now Available

The new Raven 2WD Electric Utility Vehicle from Stealth is now available.  This is not a hunting vehicle but has some big advantages for users who don’t plan to use it in rough terrain.  It has been lowered by 7″ so is easier to get in and out, especially for shorter people and those with sore knees (like me).  The ride and power exceed any “golf cart.”  It has a dump bed that quickly and easily converts to two additional passenger seats.  And of course, being a quiet electric vehicle, when you have four people on board, you can actually carry on a normal volume conversation – try that in a gas or diesel vehicle.


The Raven from Stealth Manufacturing

This two wheel vehicle is the perfect runabout for people living in gated-communities, golf communities, etc.  Standard, it is an off-the-road vehicle, but you can get an LSV kit as an option.  This gives you blinkers, rearview mirrors, etc. and allows you to register as an LSV meaning you can travel legally on any road with a posted speed limit of 35 or less.

In the 4th quarter of this year, a retrofit kit will be available for your dealer to convert the Raven into a 4WD vehicle if you decide you want to use it for farming or off-road recreation.

MSRP on the Raven is $1,450 less than the Night Hawk.

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