Excitement at Stealth – a Hybrid and a ‘Slammed Night Hawk’

2012 is proving to be a very exciting year at Stealth Manufacturing.

Stealth Night Hawk Hybrid Features

First, there is the Night Hawk Hybrid – a fully electric 4X4 UTV but with a very quiet built-in gas powered generator to keep the batteries charged.  This auxiliary power unit (APU) also provides the user with a power outlet panel that allows you to plug in two 110 volt tools and one 12 volt tool.  Think how useful this will be for a contractor who will be able to use a SkilSaw 7.25″ Circular Saw or Milwaukee roto-hammer drill in locations where he doesn’t have a ready power supply.  And at the same time he can be charging his iPhone or computer.

Next, early this summer, Stealth will release the Raven.

The Stealth Raven

The Raven is based on the Night Hawk Chassis and has been lowered almost 10 inches, equipped with either 13″ or 14″ road wheels and tires, and is a two wheel drive unit (4WD will be an option available later in the year).  It will be a either a 48 or 64 volt system with a 30 hp electric motor.  It will be an LSV – Low Speed Vehicle – street legal but restricted to roads posted 35 mph or less.  In many places this LSV will qualify for Alternative Energy Credits which can significantly reduce the initial cost.  As an electric vehicle, the operating costs are significantly lower than gas or diesel vehicles.  And, as with all electric vehicles – no noise and no odors.  It will be available in a wide variety of exciting colors and with attractive wheels and trim.  HotRod fans call this the “Slammed Night Hawk.”  It is a definite attention getter.

We will have more information, here, as soon as the factory moves from prototypes to production vehicles.  We will also soon be able to reveal the next two vehicles that are currently in protoptype testing at Stealth.  Who produced the first ground-up designed Electric 4X4 UTV?  Stealth.  Who offered the first production true Hybrid 4X4 UTV?  Stealth.  The first ‘Slammed” Electric UTV?  Stealth.  What is next?  Watch Stealth.  You will see it here first.

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