Are You a Serious Hunter?

I was talking with some serious hunters last week about their Stealth Nighthawks, older gas and diesel UTVs and their hunting experiences.  I was asking reasons why a hunter would want a Nighthawk and what the real motivation was in buying one.


Big Buck hears a noisy UTV 5 miles off

The first thing that came up was that it is easier to use a 4 x 4 side-by-side utility vehicle than to walk and carry all your gear.  In fact most wanted the capability to haul two or three or even four people and their gear.   They liked that a lot.  All agree that the side-by-side was a great boon to hunting and they could not see hunting without one any longer now that they were used to it.

But the two themes that kept coming up were “Quiet” and”Odor Free.”  Over and over, people say the reason for purchasing the Nighthawk is to be able to get to a place without leaving a scent and to do it without making lots of noise.


Big Buck smells burned fuel from a UTV

The final word was this:  one dedicated hunter asked, “Are you a serious hunter?”  “Because,” he said, “if you’re driving a gas or diesel rig, you are not serious – the noise and scent will push game away as much as bait will attract them.”

Are you a serious hunter?

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