Stealth Hybrid is on the Way

Stealth Manufacturing has announced that the new Hybrid version of the Night Hawk is due to start shipping at the end of this month (October 2011).  Here are some of the features:

The Night Hawk range is increased to approximately 80 miles (if using only the 1.5 gallon gas capacity of the generator).

Rather than separate motive systems of gas and electricity, all motive power comes from the 30 hp electric motor.  The small gas generator is used only to “top up” batteries for the electric system.

Using a small gas generator and a proprietary electronic amplification system, running the generator only adds 10 dB to the noise level (mostly tire noise) of the vehicle.

Here is a video that explains much of what the excitement is about with this unit:

One of the key features added to the Nighthawk Hybrid is the power panel.  This gives you a mobile source of electricity.  You get two 120 volt outlets.  For contractors, that lets you run your saw or drill or grinder away from traditional electric power sources.  For the farmer, you can power your electric sprayer.  And for the hunter or recreation use, you can run a refrigeration unit or lights or even a small microwave.  The possibilities are endless.

For more information, contact us at 503-477-0063.

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