Fanny Fatigue, and a Contest?

Stealth Manufacturing is about to release its brand new Night Hawk Hybrid later this month.  Their test vehicle has over 2,000 miles on it and the unit can perform near miracles.  What it can’t do is what some other manufactures claim their vehicles can do.  It can’t “leap tall buildings with a single bound.  Nor is it, “More Powerful than a Locomotive” or “faster than a speeding bullet.”   To read some other company’s ads, you would think their vehicles were Supermen.

The Night Hawk Hybrid just does more things than its competitors and does them better.  Want examples?  It’s range is limited only by the amount of fuel available, and, your ability to sit in the seat for hours.  Just imagine the claim of others that their machine can go 100 miles……  Of course a Night Hawk Hybrid can do that, too, but think about it.  At a typical off-road 4 x 4 speed of about 16 miles per hour, that is over six hours.  Let’s face it.  That is some serious fanny fatigue.  Don’t ask me to do that.

And, once you have traveled, say, 30 miles (easy enough with a Stealth Night Hawk Hybrid since it’s range is only limited, like your car, by how much fuel you carry), what are you going to do?  Well, with a Night Hawk Hybrid, you have a built in auxilliary power station with one 12 volt and two 110 volt outlets.  You can power lights, electric refrigerators, televisions, etc.  If you are driving to a remote work site, you can power up your electric tools, like your skill saw or an air compressor paint spray rig.

And, with a Stealth Night Hawk, you can carry four people and tow a trailer with all your gear.  Try that with the other brands.

We are considering a contest for the most unique uses of the versatile Night Hawk Hybrid.  We think there is no end to the possibilities with Stealth but would sure like to explore the boundaries.   If you have ideas for prizes or how we could run such a contest, let us know.  And if you want more information on the new Stealth Hybrid, check out the Stealth Website.

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