Farwest Show Recap


We showed the Stealth Nighthawk for three days at the Farwest (Nursery) Show in Portland, August 25, 26, and 27.  Here is what our booth looked like:



We talked with a wide variety of people.  There were large commercial growers like Van Essen Nursery, Bountiful Farms, Bailey Nurseries and many others.  There were people from the University of Washington Botanical Gardens and the Portland Department of Parks and Recreation.

All were impressed with the ease (and lack) of required maintenance as well as the low operating costs.  Without exception, people saw the utility of the cargo bed that converts in seconds to seating for two more passengers.  The lack of noise and odors was a huge draw for many.  And, honestly, there were a lot of folks who just loved the look and would like to have a Nighthawk as a “boy toy.”

Now we need to follow up with all the people who would like a demonstration at their business.  If you want to learn more or schedule a demo, just call (503-477-0063) or email (tom@stealthnw.com) and we will make arrangements.

We also took leads for potential dealers.  We asked many of our visitors if they had a favorite equipment dealer and what it was about the dealer that made him/her stand out.  We will be following up with some of those leads, too, since our goal is to now sign up dealers around the Northwest to make it convenient for people to see and buy Nighthawks.

Oh, yes.  I almost forgot, we had one celebrity visitor to our booth.  He wanted to drive the vehicle but fortunately we kept our keys in our pockets.


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