Utility? You Bet!

Yesterday, we left one of our new Electric Utility Vehicles, the Stealth Night Hawk, at a local commercial nursery.  The video below shows how it is used.  Currently, they have a half dozen various tractors and diesel utility vehicles.  The maintenance on these vehicles is a big expense, as is the cost of fuel.  Enter the Night Hawk.  Almost no maintenance – check battery water level monthly.  Cost of fuel and fuel storage – just plug into any wall circuit and less than 80¢ later it is fully charged for another day.

The potential customer was very concerned that our “little cart” would not have enough power.  The first time one of the workers used it to tow three wagons, each loaded with 50, 5 gallon trees, he was convinced.  He was amazed just how strong it is.  He probably wasn’t aware that it had about three times the torque of the Kubota RTV that is themost powerful vehicle they use to tow their wagons -but now he knows.

Here’s the video:

The noise is wind, not the Night Hawk.  You can hardly hear it – basically you hear just the tire noise.

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