Name that Tune and Win

Win Prizes

Win a Prize

Stealth Northwest, the Authorized Distributor of Stealth Electric Vehicles in Oregon and Washington has named us as their very first Dealer.

We have an allocation of 10 brand new Night Hawk Electric 4×4 UTVs on the way.  We are working on a new website.  Two of our staff will be in Atlanta May 12 through 15 for training.  We are making a schedule for the first demo rides.  We are putting together brochures.  We are developing lists of prospective customers:  Hunters, Farmers, Turf Managers, Estate Owners, Government users, Schools and Universities with large grounds.

What we don’t have is a name.  Should our Dealership be called:

Full Charge Utility Vehicles

Gas-Free UTVs

Charge and Go UTVs?

Help us find a name and we will have a special prize for you.  It might be a bottle each of Calamity Hill Oregon Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.  It might be a Dinner for two at a great Oregon Wine Country Restaurant.  Or, it could be a Gift certificate at your favorite store.

We reserve the right to use your idea or not, but we will consider any help we can get.

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3 Responses to Name that Tune and Win

  1. Scotty Concrete says:

    I like Full Charge.

    (you asked!)

  2. Patrick says:

    I like Full Charge as well. You might want to check out – you can embed a fairly cool free poll feature in your post.

  3. ttoes says:

    Sorry. We have decided to use “Stealth Northwest Electric Vehicles” or just “Stealth Northwest” or, shorter still, “StealthNW.”

    Just to make both Scotty Concrete and Patrick feel good, more people around here wanted “full charge” than any other suggestion.

    Because we chose another name, neither of you win a dinner or any wine, but we will compensate both of you at a later date, once we have some Stealth shirts or hats to hand out.

    Thanks for your input.

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