“End of the Road?”

According to Dealer News (www.dealernews.com) Stealth Manufacturing is finished.  In an article published on March 12, reporter Holly Wagner reports that Stealth CEO Greg Block had confirmed that the company has gone out of business.

I spoke with the Assignee for the Company, Katie Goodman of Asset Recovery Associates who told me that they had two vanloads of assets.  She promised to get me a list of those assets within the next week.  There is a manufacturer based out of Oregon (who has the capabilities needed by a UTV manufacturer) who has shown some interest in the assets pending what is on the list.

At Stealth Northwest, we still have customers calling who want Stealth Equipment and who are very pleased with the design and quality of the Stealth Equipment that they have.  If a follow-on manufacturer did take over the line and start manufacturing again, it seems there is still a market for the equipment.

Again, if you have any new information about Stealth’s shutdown, please add it here via a comment or email it to tom@stealthnw.com  Thank you.

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Free For All

We received an email from someone responding to our request for information about what was going on at Stealth.  He said he had a friend who worked right near Stealth on Troon Circle in Austell.  He claimed that one day they were evicted and all the materials in the building were hauled out onto the parking lot and there was a free for all with people taking anything they thought of value.

We found this pretty hard to believe until we were sent some pictures of just that.  Here are two of them.




I’m convinced that these photos were taken at the back dock of the Stealth Building.

Again, If you have more information, please let us know.  We plan to post all news that we get that adds to the picture of what has happened/is happening at Stealth Manufacturing.

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Deed of Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

On February 27, 2013, we received the following letter:


My guess is that this is a part of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Liquidation.  Note that if Stealth owes you anything, it is your job to file with the Assignee by March 29, 2013.

According to Investopedia.com:

Definition of ‘Chapter 7’

A bankruptcy proceeding in which a company stops all operations and goes completely out of business. A trustee is appointed to liquidate (sell) the company’s assets, and the money is used to pay off debt.

Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/chapter7.asp#ixzz2MJ60r5fC

Again, we will post what we know, when we know it.  We are also prepared to support our customers with any needs for their Stealth Vehicles.  We still think very highly of the Stealth Night Hawk and Night Hawk Hybrid which we have handled and sold and feel our customers will get good service from the machines.

If you have any information to add to our understanding of what is happening at Stealth, please let us now by commenting to this post.


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Stealth Support

We have not received return calls or emails from Stealth in Austell, Georgia since February 8th.

We continue to support our Stealth customers in the West and have been assured by our dealers in the West that they are ready to continue to support their Stealth customers.

At this point we do not know if the silence from Austell is confirmation of the rumors that Stealth has closed its doors.  Once we know any facts that shed light on this, we will post them here.  We are trying to find out what the plans are for Stealth in the future.

If you have facts or recent experiences that will help us understand what is going on in Austell, please pass them on as a comment to this post.  Thanks.

If you have a Stealth issue in the West Coast, feel free to call us at 800-909-9809.  Don’t be confused if we answer the phone, “Cart-Away.”

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Night Hawk – Tough Farm Tool

A year ago, when the Night Hawk was new to us we looked around for a tough test to see just how it would perform under real work conditions.  We had heard plenty of testimonials from hunters and estate owners about what a great vehicle the Stealth 4X4 Night Hawk was.  We wanted to find out if it was up to doing a full day’s work every day.

A good friend is a Cherry farmer with some 21,000 trees.  He also has a wholesale nursery on part of his property.  His total property is more than 10 miles corner to corner and has a river, islands, gullies and forests not to mention some very quick elevation changes.  Roger took delivery of his Night Hawk, all-electric Side by Side in October of 2011.  We had given him a good discount with the understanding he would give us honest feedback after a full year of work.   After the  year of use on his farm, he wrote the following letter:

Tom ~
Thanks for the opportunity to give the Stealth Night Hawk 4WD Electric Utility Vehicle a good, everyday orchard and nursery work test.  
We found the Night Hawk comfortable and versatile.  The boys found it extremely tough in meeting the muddy, wet 4WD challenges in irrigating our nursery stock and orchard plantings.  It has great torque and we never got stuck in very soft wet conditions pulling a 40-foot irrigation pipe trailer.  This product is a tested, viable alternative to the use of fossil fuel vehicles.
Interestingly, as quiet as the Night Hawk runs, the boys mistakenly took two days trying to figure out where to fill it up!  We charged it as was recommended and it gave us a good 4 to 5 hours before having to recharge under extreme work demands.
Thanks again.
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Guest Post: Hunters Should Protect Their Hearing

I recently received a request to allow a guest post on hearing loss and hunting.  Below, please find that post prepared by John O’Connor:

Hi my name is John O’Connor, I am a father, outdoorsman and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.  Over the past few years I have become more and more interested in hearing loss.  My father and grandfathers, who are and were all hunters, are affected by hearing loss.  I feel that there is a general lack of understanding around the issue and it is our job to spread awareness where we can.  Check out my new blog at bloggingwjohno.blogspot.com!


Preventing Hearing Loss While Hunting

Before each outing, you probably create a checklist of all of your hunting supplies.  You make sure that you’re wearing the right clothes to keep you warm while hunting game in the colder seasons.  You may even make plans with friends and family if you are going to have them join you on the excursion.  One thing you might have forgotten about is hearing protection.  Your hearing is at risk if you are using a gun to hunt.  You would not believe the amount of people who lose their hearing because they did not use protection all of the years that they went hunting.

Some people have to heavily rely on a hearing aid or hearing aids so that they can hear things that are around them.  It is essential that you understand that preventing hearing loss is a lot easier than actually dealing with it in the future.  There are a couple of reasons why hearing loss is so common amongst hunters and there are also a variety of tips that hunters can use if they are interested in taking steps to protecting their hearing while in the wilderness.

Protecting your hearing does not take much time and is really inexpensive.  There are multiple products available on store shelves that protect your ears from hearing damage.  You should wear these things continually whenever you are out hunting by yourself or with friends.  Preventing hearing loss is really the only way to ensure that you do not have to deal with it in the furture.  You can visit most local pharmacies or sporting goods stores to find what you are looking for at a price that is easy for you to afford.

The reason every hunter should make use of hearing protection is simply because gunfire can cause extreme hearing damage.  You will notice that you get a ringing in your ear whenever you fire your gun.  This is a sign that the gun is damaging your hearing and this could cause permanent damage.  You should also consider other people who are in your hunting group.  Even if they are not firing guns, they can still experience hearing loss because of the noise coming from your gun.  You should make sure that everyone in your hunting party is wearing some type of hearing protection at all times.

Before dismissing the fact that you should wear hearing protection, just think of how uncomfortable it will be when you are left without your hearing. The best way to deal with hearing loss is to prevent it using high quality ear protection products.  If you do not know which type of product to choose, you may want to ask the professionals working behind the gun counter at your local sporting goods store.  They will be able to recommend something to you to get you started.

Note:  John O’Connor takes full responsibility for this post but the only thing I think he forgot was to mention that loud diesel and gas operated hunting vehicles can also harm your hearing.  The message, of course, is to consider hunting with a Stealth Electric Side-by-side vehicle.  –  Tom

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Newest Dealer

Mazama Sporting Goods in Eugene, Oregon is the newest Stealth Dealer in the Northwest.  But, being the newest, doesn’t mean they may not be the best.

Jody Smith, Mazama Guide

If you are a serious hunter and live in the Northwest, you probably already know about Mazama.  If not, you are in for a treat.  The people who started, own, and run Mazama are SERIOUS about hunting.   They have successfully hunted almost every species in almost every country around the world.   If you want to buy an inexpensive rifle or shotgun from a mass market sporting goods store, go for it.

If you want advice from an expert on which weapon is best for your hunt and why, then Team Mazama  is the one to consult.

Wondering which caliber, which ammo is best for your needs? Team Mazama has the answers.

If you want more information about how a Stealth Electric or Hybrid Hunting Vehicle can change your game, call Mazama (541-484-9993).  You’ll be glad you did.

At Mazama, they say, “We don’t just sell it.  We live it.”

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Stealth’s New Parallel Drive Side-by-side Hybrid – The EDGE

Stealth has just announced that it will be delivering the new and revolutionary Edge parallel drive 4X4 Hybrid UTV by the end of September.

If you have not read about it, here is a summary of the Edge and why we at Stealth Northwest think that this will be the blockbuster product of the year:

The Edge has two drive systems: a gas engine drive over the front wheels and an electric drive over the rear wheels.  It can run on gas only, on electric only, or as a 4WD using both simultaneously.

Hunters, ranchers, and explorers will get great utility out of the Edge since they will be able to drive for miles in noisy mode (gas powered) and then shift to silent mode (electric) to hunt or just to further extend the range of the vehicle.  With a full tank of fuel and fully charged batteries the Edge will have a range in the area of 100 miles before refueling or recharging.  And, while operating in gas engine mode, the Edge is recharging the batteries.

Add the stopping power of hydraulic brakes on all four wheels and the Edge is the complete package, or, as the folks at Stealth like to say – The Best of Both Worlds.  And, amazingly, the price looks to be only $1,000 more than the all-electric Stealth Night Hawk.

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New Website, New Vehicles – Wow!

Without much fanfare, Stealth has done a complete makeover of its website.  It was, admittedly, difficult to find what you were look for on the old site.  No more.  Give it a try at http://stealthsidebyside.com

It appears that the Raven, two wheel drive all-electric vehicle is shipping and the new Edge, parallel drive (gas/electric) hybrid will ship by the end of September.  See more about the Raven here.

A post on the new Edge will follow this post.

Don’t forget that the Show Stopper Sales Event continues until September 30th, 2012.  If you are considering a Night Hawk, making your decision by then will save you a cool $1000 or get free financing for 36 months.

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Stealth Raven Now Available

The new Raven 2WD Electric Utility Vehicle from Stealth is now available.  This is not a hunting vehicle but has some big advantages for users who don’t plan to use it in rough terrain.  It has been lowered by 7″ so is easier to get in and out, especially for shorter people and those with sore knees (like me).  The ride and power exceed any “golf cart.”  It has a dump bed that quickly and easily converts to two additional passenger seats.  And of course, being a quiet electric vehicle, when you have four people on board, you can actually carry on a normal volume conversation – try that in a gas or diesel vehicle.


The Raven from Stealth Manufacturing

This two wheel vehicle is the perfect runabout for people living in gated-communities, golf communities, etc.  Standard, it is an off-the-road vehicle, but you can get an LSV kit as an option.  This gives you blinkers, rearview mirrors, etc. and allows you to register as an LSV meaning you can travel legally on any road with a posted speed limit of 35 or less.

In the 4th quarter of this year, a retrofit kit will be available for your dealer to convert the Raven into a 4WD vehicle if you decide you want to use it for farming or off-road recreation.

MSRP on the Raven is $1,450 less than the Night Hawk.

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